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As for wetsuit sizes, they are NOT the same as clothes sizes! I wear a size 18/20 clothes, and my current wetsuit is labeled 8. Yes, 8. Damn thing is really stretchy. :) Most dive shops carry a pretty good range and will help you out – the only problem with needing larger sizes is that it can be hard to find a RENTAL suit that fits, since those tend to be more standard sizes, so you may need to purchase a suit sooner than a skinny chick would.

The main thing to remember is: EVERYONE has a hard time squeezing into a wetsuit, whether they’re thin or fat! I remember getting really embarrassed when I first tried on wetsuits. It was a lot of physical exertion just getting in and out of them, one after another while I tried them on, and I was sweating like a pig.

But after 6 years of diving, I can tell you every thin diver has that exact same experience! It’s just a really non-glamorous sport, despite what the movies show. Everyone’s got hairy legs, messed up hair, and surfaces from dives with mucus all over their faces. I love it. :)

By: Elaina Fri, 11 Sep 2009 02:58:20 +0000 Anastasia-

I saw you on SP and then checked out your blog. It’s so awesome! I am so totally wanting to learn to dive now. It will prolly be a while before that happens (I just learned to swim last year, but when I do I don’t want to leave the water!) But I was wondering something pragmatic- do you know where one can find plus-sized wetsuits? I have been looking all over ebay and I can’t find anything over a 16. Not any thing fancy or like, for swimming in the arctic or anything like that. Just the basics.

Keep on keeping on! Your dive pics are so awesome. Your life sounds like a fairy tale. :D